Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

Together with Luna Maya

Childhood Cartoons - Toyota Alphard Luna's black darted left Jakarta at high speed. That morning, he was about to visit his girlfriend, aka Ariel Nazril Irham State Prison in Bandung. "At least once a week I jenguk Ariel," said Luna, Thursday (2 / 12).

Currently, said Luna, Ariel desperate need of support. The couple are wrapped problem. Nasty amateur video footage with players like they circulated widely since last June. Ariel has been languishing in jail and 170 days being adjudicated in Bandung. Ariel never admit it himself, so was Luna. Though not arrested, Luna till now still a suspect.

On wheels that drove more than 100 kilometers per hour, fragrant body 170 centimeter model was refreshing cabin. While occasional drinking milk as a breakfast oats mixed herbs, Luna tells the story of his love with Ariel (Read the full report tomorrow).

Luna met with Ariel the first time in Jakarta six years ago. "He was passive, but it makes looks mysterious," said the woman was 27 years ago laughed off. Luna laughter abruptly stopped, recurrent asthma, he kept coughing and his breathing falter. "I've got asthma when dust, cry, or laugh," he said after inhaling Ventolin.

Luna then spill-uneknya unek be the case that video. "I thank ga with this state," he said. "We're a victim."

According to him, this case deviated from its path. Analysis as a law student direct flushing. "Ariel accused of helping to spread, but the real spreader still roam," he said. RJ, friend Ariel who accused as the perpetrator, also rejected the allegations. "Should not you find anyone who upload to the Internet," said Luna.

After a half hour journey from Jakarta to Bandung, we arrived at the State Prison in Bandung in number Kebon Waru. From behind the gate, Tempo saw Luna strolled inside. Some of the guards greeted him with a friendly, well-wishers greeted scramble, and some even had time to ask for photos together.

So what can be done Ariel-Luna behind prison walls? The meeting usually starts cipika-cipiki and hug, they take off the longing to spend visiting hours: 9 to 12. Luna brings seabrek Ariel demand. Starting from cigarettes, food, up to a goldfish. Lho, kok goldfish? "Yes, Ariel asked want to buy for friends in the room," he said. He occupies a cell with five prisoners fights and theft cases.

But the lovebirds could not stay long ravished. How long hose coming school friends, neighbors, and fans of Ariel. They come to just shake hands, eyes alert, to give legal advice. "Ariel is more like it here rather than prisoners Police Headquarters, he became more obese," said Luna.

Tempo saw Ariel wearing a white shirt cartoon picture of male figures clad prisoners and closing the eyes, with a hairstyle similar to the owner. Below the picture is written "Who?" "Clothes were her own image to use markers," said Luna.

Luna had lunch with Ariel at the prison visiting room. The menu rice lead with tempeh, tofu, and fried chicken. Without the feel, the time to visit is over.

Ariel Luna drove up to the gate. "I still miss you," said Luna spoiled. He did not stop menggelendot in the muscular arm of Ariel. Like when you meet, kiss their cheeks to end conference.

Minggu, 17 Oktober 2010

Sony Ericsson coupled XL

Harga Android Price - Sony Ericsson took PT XL Axiata language in marketing their latest mobile phones based on Android, Xperia X8, which went on sale in the middle of this month.

Harga Android - Indonesia Country General Manager of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications International Alino Lewis said that through such cooperation (bundling) with XL, customers will get the other facilities such as data services.

"We can not yet explain the services to be provided by XL, XL-party later that explains the advantages of this bundling package," he said at a news reporter, today.

According to him, Google's Android based phones will be sold at a price of Rp1, 99 million per unit which is claimed is cheapest compared to other Sony Ericsson phones using the Android operating system.

Sony Ericsson has released three types of smart phones based on Android, the Xperia X10, Mini and Xperia Xperia Minipro.

However, for people who do not want to purchase a package with operator XL, the vendor will also provide in the market.

Alino reveals Xperia X8 will be sold in limited. "Mid this month went on sale, but limited edition, limited."

Corporate Vice President and Head of Asia Pacific Region Ian Gardner said Sony Ericsson is ready to ship their latest flagship product X8 Xperia this month in limited quantities.

He is optimistic that the smart phone is capable of meeting the needs of consumers. "Multitasking feature of his address the needs of users who want to perform various activities in the mobile phone at the same time," said Ian.

Some fitu basis of Xperia X8 among applications, maps, emails, and an Internet connection and is equipped with a 3.2 magnitude megapixel (MP).

Jumat, 01 Oktober 2010

KA KA Bima Hit New Style Solo

Kecelakaan Kereta Api - Not only in Pemalang, train accidents also occurred at Station Purwosari Solo on Saturday morning at around 2:35 pm. Bima Railway majors Jakarta-Surabaya railway hit the New Style was stopped at the station Purwosari, Solo.

The collision caused the collapse of one victim died. Meanwhile, four other victims were injured and treated in hospital Kasib Mother, Solo.

One of the officers at the station Purwosari, Jaka Mulyana, said the collision occurred when the New Style KA middle lane stopped at a position in one Purwosari Station - which is where the train stopped all economic. This collision caused the position of the New Style Railway carriage stopped at less advanced.

"So, the most rear carriages still distorted at the intersection of rail," he said.

As a result, the car struck the back of a New Style KA KA Milky passing nine minutes later. The carriage was badly damaged, five passengers were injured. One of them then died in hospital.

"Victims who were injured in the position of the connection compartment. Because, when it is full passengers carriage conditions, "he said.

Meanwhile, Kapolsekta Laweyan, AKP Subagyo said the death toll is Suryo Utomo Chess (23) who are citizens of Jl. Banda North Jakarta. Two of the wounded was allowed to go home. "The two are still hospitalized," he said.

New Style railway coach that was pulled into the depot struck Racing Station. Today, conditions in Station Purwosari back to normal.

Rabu, 15 September 2010

U.S. General: Burned Quran

Alquran Dibakar - Plan on burning the Quran by a small sect leader in Florida, United States (U.S.), inviting a wave of demonstrations across the world, including in Afghanistan.

United States Army (USA) in the country are worried that Afghan anger over the plan would endanger their souls.

These concerns emerged when some protesters are angry because the plan is stoned a convoy of U.S. soldiers with stones. Anti-American sentiment is also re-emerged, burned American flags and shouting "Death to America" formations among the demonstrators.

"America will not be able to destroy the Muslims of the world," said one of the Afghans, as quoted from the ABC News page.

They condemned the burning of Al-Quran plan by Terry Jones, a pastor a small sect in Florida under the Dove World Outreach Center. Jones is the author of "Islam is of the Devil" which reaped a lot of controversy. Arson, according to Jones, will be carried out on 11 September.

This date coincides with the event of terrorist attacks in New York who demolish the WTC twin towers, that date also happens to coincide with Eid holidays for Muslims the world. U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus, who only a few months in charge, saw this as a threat to the salvation army.

"It will endanger our troops and threaten the success of our efforts here," said Petraeus.

Petraeus adviser who is a former U.S. Army deputy chief of staff, Jack Keane, said today that arson as something crazy and an insult to Muslims.

"The plan is also an insult to the main purpose of our troops and their commitment to this country and the Muslims in it," said Keane.

However, the wave of protest and insult seemed unable to make Jones the idea. He even vowed to launch the plan remain, ignored the problem to be faced by the country's troops in Afghanistan.

"What we have done this had been planned long ago, we revealed that Islam is more violent, larger than what we say," Jones said in an interview with ABC television station.

A Facebook account titled "World Day Burning the Quran" has more than 8,000 followers. But from the comments contained in the pages, most opposing the plan by Jones combustion.

Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2010

Mencegah Perampokan

Perampokan Bank di Medan - Sadistic robbery happened at the Bank CIMB Niaga, Medan, North Sumatra, last Wednesday. Action taken 16th person killed a member of the Mobile Brigade of North Sumatera Regional Police Brigadier Emanuel Simanjuntak.

Perampokan Bank - In addition to killing the police, robbers also shot a bank security guards, Mujiantoro. According to one eyewitness, Agus Cucumber, players come with riding a motorcycle with eight.

Action of the robbers was apparently recorded by someone who was not far from the scene. These pictures look clear because the camera was taken by a professional. The following moments after the bank was robbed.

Sadistic robbery happened at the Bank CIMB Niaga, Medan, North Sumatra, last Wednesday. Action taken 16th person killed a member of the Mobile Brigade of North Sumatera Regional Police Brigadier Emanuel Simanjuntak.

In addition to killing the police, robbers also shot a bank security guards, Mujiantoro. According to one eyewitness, Agus Cucumber, players come with riding a motorcycle with eight.

Action of the robbers was apparently recorded by someone who was not far from the scene. These pictures look clear because the camera was taken by a professional. The following moments after the bank was robbed.

In this robbery, was recorded there was 16 hijacker. They come and go use the eight-bike motorcycle. From the photos at this event all the robbers wore helmets.

From the scene, police also found a number of projectiles and shell casings from AK-47 and M-16. According to Branch Manager of Bank CIMB Niaga Medang Irwansyah Lubis robbers steal approximately 300 million.

Selasa, 06 Juli 2010

Prediksi Jerman Vs Spanyol Kita Lihat

Prediksi Jerman Vs Spanyol - Among Europe's elite nations, only Spain that has never penetrating the World Cup semi-final. At the 18th World Cup, they not only successfully escaped to the big four for the first time, but also favored to become the champion.

Jerman Vs Spanyol - But before talking about his prime, they must pass through the middle of Germany adangan chasing four trophies (RCTI live broadcast at 2:30 pm).

The problem is not a problem easily beat Germany. Because, although at the last meeting in the Euro 2008 success last Spanish-defeating Germany, the current condition of both teams were very different.

Spain is still relying on old names that shine in the Euro, while Germany, who was forced to play a young penggawa penggawa-management experience, was able to make a fool of surprises with the UK and Argentina to score a landslide.

"Germany is much different now. They are more fresh, more talented. In the game, they no longer emphasizes the physical aspect, but rather rely on tactics," Spain midfielder Xavi Hernandez reviewed the U.S..

"Certainly, they are much better than Paraguay. They have dangerous players like (Sami) Khedira, (Mesut) Ozil, and (Bastian) Schweinsteiger. But, we already make history by moving into the semifinals, and we do not want to stop here . squads that now is a generation of Spanish gold, and we need to be a champion, "said the Barcelona midfielder.

Xavi calls, German style far different from opponents who have faced Spain. During the group phase to the quarter-finals, La Furia Roja, Spain title, it always face a team more defensive and rely on counterattacks. While Germany is more offensive, with dead balls is dangerous.

However, further 30-year midfielder for the Spanish style of the German offensive in fact profitable. Therefore, automatically they will provide more space. Xavi and Andres Iniesta could more freely creative in midfield. Spain was also certain that their style would give priority to mastery of the ball effectively to prevent the Germans opened up opportunities.

"Germany has a lot of players are very fast. I think my level they are physically above us," said winger Jesus Navas Spain to the U.S.. "So, the only way to stop them is to master the ball Possession.

Origin we can get the ball, we would create a hazard. We just need to anticipate their counterattack, "continued the 24-year-old Sevilla player was.

On the other hand, the Germans are more relaxed welcome this fight. Coach Joachim Loew humbly mention that Spain deserved underdog. In addition to players who are more mature material, he also can not lower the best formation. Winger Thomas Muller can not play because of the taxable accumulated cards.

Without Muller, who scored four goals so far, Loew said front-line strength was reduced. But, he put his full confidence in the winger Toni Kroos Bayer Leverkusen could cover such loss.

"I'm not too worried about my squad. What I'm worried about precisely the power of Spain. The tactics, they are perfect, and rarely makes mistakes," said Loew, as quoted by Reuters. "But they're not ever make one. All we could do to win is to force them to make mistakes," he continued.

That means, up 50-year coach, his team will continue to press since the beginning, just like against Argentina. Loew also not worried about the pressure behind the Spanish, because Germany has by far the most powerful defense system. Throughout the tournament, they only conceded two goals.

"I intend to keep the clean sheet record against Spain. It is not difficult, because thanks to its defenders, they made my goal is always safe," said Manuel Neuer, the German goalkeeper.

"To achieve this, we must control the game, and demonstrate to the opponent who is boss. If that could be done, even the Spanish will surrender," koar Schalke 04 goalkeeper is ..

Rabu, 23 Juni 2010

Masih Seputar Prediksi Bola

Prediksi Pertandingan - Target World Cup champion still seems to exist in the mind of Fabio Capello. England's coach says she is not crazy about their beliefs skuatnya will be embracing the World Cup title.

Prediksi - UK will lead the party life and death against Slovenia at the Port Elizabeth stadium tonight. With only just picked up two points from the two draws, the odds of St George's Cross will be determined later in the game. Required to achieve full points English to be able to ensure they step into the round of 16 large. Series or lose, we can be sure Steven Gerrard et al have to lift a suitcase from South Africa.

Amid a storm of criticism will be displayed skuatnya formation, Capello was still keeping the target could get England to the finals even to the champion. Disappointing results in the two games, beginning by Capello is not guaranteed in a state of chaos if skuatnya babalau. Nationality Italy coach said his team is still very good, and would be very dangerous in the last 16 of the later.

"This is a team really well," Capello said. "I think if ... no, not if, when we win, then all teams have to fight hard against us."

"I'm not crazy when I say my target is the World Cup final," he said.

Disharmonisasi issues in skuatnya triggered criticism of John Terry to him, Capello said that it is no longer disputed. Capello said Terry remains a pivotal figure in skuat The Three Lions and will not release it from skuat core.

"That's not true (out Terry). He is one of the most important players," Capello said. "I saw the players really focus on the game later. It is quite common when there is pressure on a situation like this," he said.

"We must win. And the players know that. There is only one result we needed," he concluded.